White teeth in15 days?

It's possible with White Express System!

White Express System powder for tooth whitening is a true revolution in cosmetic dentistry. The innovative method allows you to whiten your teeth up to 5 tones, practically every person who tried it can agree. The whitening powder of White Express System works efficiently, without damaging the enamel and causing tooth sensitivity.

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How does White Express System work?

The effectiveness of whitening powder White Express System is due to carbamide peroxide. Teeth whitening using carbamide peroxide involves the oxidation reaction of organic deposits. Carbamide peroxide is an unstable substance which, upon the contact with saliva breaks down into oxygen and water. Reactive oxygen molecules cause the oxidation of organic deposits accumulated on surface of tooth enamel, which in such way undergo for degradation. The whitening powder of White Express System on enamel surface creates protective layer, which makes the teeth become more resistant to abrasion and the formation of cavities.

How to use White Express System whitening powder?

Teeth whitening with White Express System whitening powder is extremely simple. You only have to remember to once a day wash your teeth with White Express System powder. During the teeth whitening period, you do not need to give up drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes.

White Express System

Reviews on White Express System whitening powder

White Express SystemAnna

Whitening without tooth sensitivity!

I have tried many methods of teeth whitening, but most of them caused me a painful tooth sensitivity, and the other was so mild that practically I never noticed the effects of their actions. After 14 days of White Express system use my teeth became whiter by 5 shades, and tooth enamel is strong and shiny. I recommend!

White Express SystemKamil

Snow-white smile in just 2 weeks!

Habitual smoking caused that my teeth became yellow. I was thinking about professional teeth whitening at the dentist's office, but the price for me turned out to be too high. Then I decided to order White Express System whitening powder and gained a snow-white smile in just 2 weeks!

How to order White Express System?

Just one step separates you from the beautiful and white smile! Take advantage of exclusive promotion and order White Express System whitening powder up to 20 euro cheaper!

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White Express SystemWhite Express System
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